Car brands are famous for long, sweeping shots from a Russian Arm, helicopter flybys along mountain passes, and driving through tunnels at warp speed.

Lexus wanted a bit of that for their new LC 500, but they needed to capture it all at Goodwood Festival of Speed, in broad daylight, in ten-days time. Oh, and they needed a bit of an idea.

We liked that the LC 500 was a luxury GT car, bred with technology and power from their racing cars. We also knew that they’d have their racing drivers on and off the track at Goodwood, so we used this to devise a simple film idea that conveyed the message that when you drive the LC 500, you’re unleashing racing prowess on to the roads.

We spent three days chasing the LC 500 around the grounds, getting sweeping shots using real, human arms and doing our flyby of the iconic hill climb with a drone - even capturing the Red Arrows flying at warp speed too.

The film was turned into a global CRM initiative for the launch of the new car, and travelled around the globe on their social channels.


William Millner & Tom Cleeland (2020) — London, UK