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In an effort to unleash virtual band Gorillaz into our world, we inadvertently invented a new media channel for Deutsche Telekom.

The brief was a creative opportunity we fought to get on to - infiltrate Europe’s youth culture by partnering with Gorillaz.

After several rounds of creative, we landed on the idea of turning the brand’s colour magenta into a portal to unleash Gorillaz into our world, and built an augmented reality app called The Lenz. 

The app used simple chroma-key technology to find magenta and replace it with exclusive Gorillaz content during the release of their “Humanz” album.

The app launched with all the bells and whistles of a pan-Euro campaign (featuring original artwork from Gorillaz illustrator Jamie Hewlett) and had close to 100,000 downloads in its first week.

The Lenz was recognised by global award juries, bringing home 4 Lions, a shortlist in the Titanium category and 2 D&AD Pencils amongst others, contributing to Saatchi & Saatchi being crowned "The Best & Bravest" in the Contagious Pioneers 2018 list.

A hightlight for us was watching people turn the world around them (even their own faces) magenta to create original Gorillaz fan art.

Today the app lives on well beyond the Gorillaz campaign, as a new broadcast medium for Deutsche Telekom to unleash all the Electronic Beats artists on their fans. 

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William Millner & Tom Cleeland (2020) — London, UK