Hegarty. Arden. Fink. Droga. Stanners. Will & Tom.

Some of advertising’s greatest minds and fiery tempers cut their teeth in the corridors and glass offices of 80 Charlotte Street, and the creative department had the threadbare green carpets to prove it.

Saatchi & Saatchi called this building home from the seventies, and it’s where we met, failed, learnt and succeeded. We were lucky that our years there were some of its final years at 80 Charlotte Street, and we were asked to think of a way to say goodbye befitting of an agency that has educated some of the industry’s finest.

We opened the School of Saatchi, creating one huge, never-ending class photo featuring every single current employee, and most importantly the operations staff who’d been there for over 25 years.

The class photo was interactive, inviting alumni to upload their own photo to the mix, with an anecdote left behind on a microsite launched in partnership with Campaign magazine.

And in one final, emotional goodbye to the building, the photo was printed and wrapped around the iconic front windows and over the “nothing is impossible” step, and left there as the building was demolished around it.


William Millner & Tom Cleeland (2020) — London, UK