The Guardian


The Guardian is on a mission to be 100% reader-funded, yet refuse to put up a paywall, relying on subscriptions instead.

Outrageously brave, and a tricky business problem to tackle.

We thought it was interesting that the most powerful stories stretching back across their 200-year history, and what makes The Guardian different to other papers, is the real positive change their journalism creates.

We chose to retell three of the most recent and relevant stories of change, to prove The Guardian’s journalism is a space worth protecting by subscribing.

Working with Wriggles & Robins, we built a physical 4mx3m ‘space’ to act as our stage, with actress Zawe Ashton providing the narration.

This was supported by a nationwide print campaign, developed in collaboration with in-house agency Oliver, that used bold colour and provocative headlines to encourage readers to become digital subscribers.


William Millner & Tom Cleeland (2020) — London, UK