We worked with Toyota Europe over several years, and the most common challenge was the language barrier.

Blind Date is one of our favourite examples of how we overcame it, by borrowing from the world of silent movies, and using physical comedy and character to tell the story.

Dexter is a textbook nerd. Sophie is a bombshell. When they meet on their blind date, things are far from promising. But Dexter's winning personality, aided and abetted by the genius of the Toyota Touch Multimedia System, soon puts things on a more positive footing. That said, there are still some awkward looks along the way.

We shot the films with Dan Gifford in Portugal. It was quickly snapped up for TV by European markets, with one viewer remarking that, "if Dexter gets the girl, there's hope for the rest of us yet."


William Millner & Tom Cleeland (2020) — London, UK